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Cloud 20/20: Seven trends that IT leaders should look out for

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In the last decade we have seen remarkable social, economic, and technological advancements which have also led to significant changes in enterprise IT. The Enterprise 20/20 project has released a new paper detailing how one of those tech trends—cloud computing—will shape the enterprise in the next several years.

Featured in this month’s Discover Performance, the Cloud 20/20 white paper looks at seven technology trends and their ramifications for the enterprise, with insights on how IT can take advantage of these momentous shifts in the technology landscape.

Here is a summary of the trends to watch for:

  • Cognitive systems as human partners
  • Computation re-imagined
  • Insights to help humans
  • Personalizing the power of cloud
  • Dynamic services
  • Cyber-physical systems

“Our development systems must evolve to program arrays of hundreds of thousands of processors optimally,” reads the report. “Our existing IT management systems won’t scale to manage such environments. IT management in 2020 will be very good at flexing—adjusting to peak demands that could be 20, 50, 100 times the normal run rate.”

The HP Enterprise 20/20 team notes that some of the most successful businesses in the world are built on a foundation of real-time analytics of large-scale data. What is the solution to stay ahead of change in the enterprise? Automate, then innovate. Register for the paper here to learn more about moving toward this new style of IT.

As the cloud becomes secure and reliable, IT will be able to evolve from a support function to a key participant in business teams, though this will require a change in the skills of the IT department.

Still, no matter how secure the cloud is, in a world where everyone is connected, where there are one trillion sensors and huge increases in the amount of data being stored and analyzed, it’s crucial to hone your threat and risk management strategies.

Register to download the free “Cloud 20/20” white paper today.

Read the Data Center 20/20 ebook chapter to find out how the data center will become the innovation of the revenue center of the enterprise.

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