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How to avoid five Big Data pitfalls

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Discover Performance

Cloud computing and the power of Big Data analytics are both high priorities for enterprise IT. An article in the October 2013 edition of Discover Performance details five major pitfalls you should know about before hitching your Big Data strategy to the cloud.

One issue to consider is that usage costs for public cloud can add up quickly. As the article states: “Cloud providers charge on a utilization basis—turning a fixed cost into a variable one. Trouble is, as data gets big, so do those variable costs.”

There’s a middle ground though, where you can take the best and leave the rest: A managed cloud with a service-level agreement takes the fear and guesswork out of your precious data’s new home.

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To further take the guesswork out of Big Data, see what Bruce Yen, director of business intelligence at Guess, says about how his company is benefiting from its data and analytics platform.

“At the core, I think we’re still trying to solve the same problems: How do we make data actionable?” Yen says. “I think now, with all this convergence with new technology, we’re actually able to do something with it.”

Guess has become a leader in next-generation analytics. Find out why the company re-skinned the HP Vertica dashboards to make them as visually appealing as possible, and what challenges it shares with other retailers.

Read the complete October 2013 edition of Discover Performance here and download the Marketing 20/20 ebook chapter for more insights on the new reality of split-second decisions and marketing by the numbers.

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